Multiple theories, one conclusion


[Article by BGB]

This article is in reference to the recent closure of Ghost, the LGBT friendly bar in Dekwaneh,  that involved detaining several individuals in the municipality building and forcing them to strip and take nude photos, following the orders of the municipality head, Mr. Antoine Shakhtoura. For more info about this, click here.

Theory 1: 

Mr. Shakhtoura is a closeted homosexual who couldn’t accept his real-self and could never get in touch with his real feelings. He drives by Ghost every saturday night, slows down the car when he approaches the entrance and tries to eavesdrop some of the amazing music playing every time the door opens and closes. Mr. Shakhtoura keeps driving until they start playing his favorite music, Najwa and Nawal. He slows the car even more to grasp more time for music and starts belly-dance-while-driving. Ee all know what that means😉.

Mr. Shakhtoura kept doing this for several weeks until he couldn’t take it anymore. He had two options: Surrender to his desires, pay the entrance fee and dances the night away, OR, call the municipality police and ask them to come close the bar so he doesn’t have to suffer week after week. Hey, in both cases, he gets to go inside the bar and please his heart, eyes and ears. He chose the second option.

Theory 2:

Mr. Shakhtoura is a straight man. He simply doesnt like gay people. Nothing wrong with that, he prefers vagina. He doesn’t like syrians either, or black people, or domestic workers from sri-lanka, Ethopia, Bengaldesh, India or philippines. Nothing wrong with that, he’s a good hearted patriotic Lebanese. He likes to strip transexuals in his office and taking pictures of them. Well, he’s curious to know how the surgeries are done. Nothing wrong with that, right? He likes to break the laws and invent his own, even if it’s against the human rights. Nothing wrong with that either. After all, who isn’t breaking it in this country anyways?

Theory 3:

Mr. Shakhtoura is a smart wannabe-politician. He understands the homophobic and xenophobic  society he lives in. He realized that he needs a scandal similar to the one he did that shows off his homosexuality-fighting muscles and  his disguised xenophobic-patriotism, to win the hearts (and hence the votes) of the people in his area and apparently across the country.

My three theories are different and fictional. Perhaps, one them is true. Perhaps, more than one applies. Who knows?

Surprisingly, they all share one thing in common: Mr. shakhtoura is a DOUCHE who clearly violated human rights twice: the first time when he detained several people and stripped them down, and the second time when he bragged about it in the media.

Mr. SHAKH-toura, di3an el SHAKH fik. (unless you’re into watersports… I bet you are)


  1. aguywithoutboxers

    All three of your theories are valid conclusions. One common theme is obvious. The culprit here, Mr. (or Mrs., or Ms. or Miss) Shakhtoura is a man full of self-loathing and insecurities. He is uncertain of his own self-worth and his masculinity. He seeks to compensate for these failings by asserting himself over others. His self-hatred is making him a sad excuse for a human being. I pity his miserable life.

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