For the love of male feet


[by fellow blogger thecodeX]

My passion for male feet started during that summer after I’ve been exposed of the beauty of this part of the body by accident. As I was swimming to reach the border of the pool, I sighted a gorgeous guy tanning while laying on his back, his legs spread apart. Instead of focusing on his huge bulge under his tight shorts, I couldn’t help but stare at his gorgeous beefy 45+ feet. It was there right in front of my face, 50 cm far from my nose. I unconsciously took a deep breath thinking I could maybe smell the scent I never experienced before… All I wanted was to touch it, taste it, sniff it, take it in my mouth.

It was like a mirage…A mirage that marked me for the rest of my life. It created in me the never satiated need to go down to that part of the masculine body every time I meet a guy that answers the criteria I have in my head. His feet count more than his cock as it became more like a dessert after a main course. I like them big, the toes well aligned, well taken care of.

I can spend hours and hours staring at guys’ feet pictures over tumblr, and always wish the feet worshiping during the preliminaries would never end. And when the guy can’t take it anymore as I excited him to the edge with my licking, kissing, biting of his feet and drive them away from my face to go down on me and penetrate me, I can’t stop thinking about what I just experienced, smelling the remaining manly scent on my face…



  1. aguywithoutboxers

    We all have our own fetishes. Nice job on this observation! By the way, you know the ancient adage about the size of a man’s foot is in proportion to the size of his…”prize!”:) Much love!

  2. M S

    I keep kissing and smelling my boyfriend’s feet whenever we are just sitting and watching TV! I love feet .. well my boyfriend’s feet!

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