We love you Laura Sidaoui!

While I was listening to Viva Fame Fm  the other day, I was really impressed by the host, Laura Sidaoui. It was when a guy called her to discuss the topic of the episode which was about relationship problems, and he was actually talking about his BF and their own problems. Laura was extremely friendly and she was talking to him in a very normal way, unlike other hosts who might have been disgruntled by this. And this is not the first time Laura has done this. Thank you and Love you girl!

Here’s a youtube video of this part of the show.

No. I’m biodegradable.

During the latest episode of “min 7a22ik” on otv that tackled the homosexuality subject with good guests but a cheap title, the host Dania Husseini not only showed lack of professionalism and research for her episode, but also a lack in culture overall as she said “biosexual” instead of “bisexual”. Walaw?

Here’s a link to the first part of the episode where she used the word.

While you’re away

I miss all the details, especially the stupid ones.

I miss teasing you in the morning putting my freezing feet over your warm ones.

I miss you getting angry at me for cluttering your room with my stuff.

I miss your omelets and how you get mad when I add salt.

I miss how we have to agree on what we should wear whenever we’re going out just because we always buy the same items.

I miss going to Ikea with you to buy a candle and ending up buying a living room.

I miss how you’re always hungrier than I am, but manages to eat less than me.

I even miss doing laundry with you. Sometimes I rearrange my arranged sock drawer just to hold the pair of socks I stole from your house.

I miss the airport and the airplane, I even miss the rude flight attendants and the inedible plane meals, just because they get me to see you.

I miss everything about you and I miss you.